Xavier Mula

When Xavier Mula was born, his father already had a proven career as an illustrator and designer in Spain. So, taking into account that his first toy was a pencil and that the Beatles and English pop-rock always played at home, it is not surprising the sensibility and creativity that he displays in his illustrations.

35 years later, Xavier works as an illustrator and designer for clients in fields such as advertising, press, editorials and magazines. He also works as a teacher at La Gaspar Design School in Igualada (Barcelona). His versatile style allows him to tackle a great variety of work, but always with his predominant style: vibrant colors and an identifiable personal language.

His work has been awarded in several competitions, which stand out the Gold Laus 2014 (Spain) // Museum and the Web Award 2014 (USA) // Junceda Award 2014 (Spain) // the selection in Ibero-American Catalog of Illustration 2016 (Mexico) // Ijungle Illustration Awards 2018.


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