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Born in Manila, TRNZ (Terence) was introduced to art through dubbed Japanese animes airing daily in their local television. After receiving a BFA Major in Advertising, he spent his early years as an art director in TBWA Manila, a global network advertising agency. In 2017, he drastically shifted directions and started dabbling into painting and gallery exhibitions. 

TRNZ's art revolves around his own created universe of characters, Loons, the alien-esque rabbit balloons, and Baby Blue Eyes, the adorable teary-eyed boy with a party hat. Despite working with a specific color palette, he tries to evoke a different personality every time. He channels his personal experiences of growing up in each artwork. Highlighting the different stages of his upbringing, and how it relates to his present self. From acrylic paintings to playing with various objects, TRNZ's works jump from one medium to another.


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