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Joseph Rogers

Spinning Yarn Portrait.jpg

Joseph Rogers loves to draw people, y’know— heads, arms, legs, etc. He is incredibly interested in finding out and exploring what people are doing (or have done before) whether that be talking, arguing, singing, legislating, fighting, loving, dancing, or just generally congregating. Movement and gesture are central to his work, along with bold colors and tactile, print-like textures.


He was raised in Hastings on Hudson, New York by two people, both lawyers, who have always supported his pursuit of a career in the arts. He was taught by the incredible people at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he majored in illustration and minored in printmaking.


Joseph’s work has been selected for both the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration annual books and has been exhibited at the ICON11 Illustration Conference in KC and The Society of Illustrators in NYC.


Currently he lives in South Brooklyn with the other half of his person.


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