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Guillermo Murua


Guillermo Murua has had a passion for drawing since he first picked up a pen and paper as a kid in his hometown of Valparaiso, Chile. Surrounded by brightly painted streets and a big local art scene, he spent his time drawing imaginative creatures, robots, and superheroes. Nowadays, he's inspired by heavy metal music, Tarantino movies, science fiction and ancient art. He loves to incorporate surreal scenes with whimsical ideas where he combines all sorts of technological concepts, decorative elements and complex-eye-popping details into unique and wondrous pictures.


He's worked as a designer in his second hometown of New York City for many years, always trying to push his creativity to the very edge, keeping him just the right amount of crazy. When he's not drawing, Guillermo enjoys traveling, rewatching his favorite movies, blasting music through his ever-growing speaker system and drinking wine with his wife.

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