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Broly Su


Born and raised in Changsha, China – a city with major love for street culture. Broly Su grew up being heavily influenced by hip-hop music, graffiti, sneakers, collectible toys, and tattoo culture. Currently an Atlanta-based illustrator and graphic designer, Broly’s work has a bold-lined graffiti drawing style, often accompanied by eye-catching color palettes. Inspired by artists like Kenny Scharf, Steven Harrington, and Gang Box, he also works with acrylic, posca markers, and ballpoint pens from time to time. Some of Broly’s clients include ABV Gallery, Adult Swim, Lexus, Tesla, Top Shelf Atlanta.


Broly’s work has received awards from 3x3, American Illustration, Applied Arts, China Illustration Biennial, Communication Arts, Creative Quarterly, Graphis, International Design Awards, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and World Illustration Awards.

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