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A.k.A Illustration

A.k.A Illustration: Demo Reel


Graffiti artist in the 90's, and freshly armed with an honours degree in communication arts, Ant decided to set up a legitimate commercial art business after running out of walls to paint!

In 1999 A.k.A was born and since then they have grown into a multi discipline boutique studio that creates artwork and animations for clients across the globe.


A.k.A is fortunate enough to have created artwork and animation for some of the biggest clients on the planet including: Dreamworks SKG, Procter and Gamble, Mazda, The BBC, McDonalds, Future Publishing, Beijing Olympics, Heineken, Harper Collins, Experian and many others. Many of whom have worked with A.k.A multiple times.


Whether you know exactly what you are looking for for your project or need leadership in ensuring you get the perfect results for your visuals A.k.A has the experience and skills to ensure you get noticed for all the right reasons and it’s a process that they truly love.

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